Startup Springboard December 2016

2nd Dec-3rd Dec (2days, Fri-Sat), 2016

We are looking for passionate pioneers who would like to devote for the technological development of developing countries including Myanmar. Our global interns are expected to cooperate with local coordinators and public to run a digital fabrication lab and host various events including workshops and entrepreneurship seminars. The interns will be first selected based on their qualifications on the application including experiences, language skills, interests in maker, etc. Then, a five-week training session about the use of digital fabrication tools and relevant software will be held. The final selectees who have successfully passed the rigorous curriculum of the training session will be sent to relevant labs in developing countries and demonstrate their capability in the job.

Program Plan

By introducing Fab Lab Seoul’s successful initiative in digital fabrication to developing countries and further develop it, TIDE is looking forward to building and operating a sustainable digital fabrication lab environment in the University of Technology in Yangon, Myanmar. Starting with Myanmar, we expect to spread out the K-Lab model to other developing countries desiring the foundation of digital fabrication and the maker movement.